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Loss Prevention

SPACE GULF believes that its strategic business success begins with demonstrating responsibilities towards its employee and the environment they operate in.

SPACE GULF committed to:-

  • Make its practice, workplaces, products and services safe for health and to impose the least possible impact on the environment.
  • Create safe working condition and continuously improve environmental protection performance to reduce risks on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

To meet our commitment we shall :-

  • Give Health, Safety and the Environment top priority in terms of processes, machinery operations, and projects delivery and implementation.
  • Make our workplaces free from accidents, Injuries and occupational diseases, and use our resources efficiently.
  • Provide high level basic health care services to our staff.
  • Adhere to legal and government regulations.
  • Continuously improve our HSE performance in collaboration with our suppliers, subcontractors and customers.